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Ditley Web Design is dedicated to making sure your web site is operational all year round. We are a Chicago website hosting company that provides top rate hosting services to our clients and even online businesses that simply need hosting without a website redesign. Company email is directly related to our website hosting business and is also something that we supply to our customers.

Hosting is the space that is taken up on a server. A server acts as a large disk for not only the amount of space your website will take up, but also the bandwidth or online traffic that your website may experience at once. These are very important terms that must be understood when starting out with a new website or having one redesigned. The hosting package you choose could have a direct effect on the applications used in your web site. E-commerce, flash, PHP, ASP, and multiple other forms of coding to assemble a website are chosen based on which hosting package you will need. We aid you with this.

One of the most important pieces of internet hosting is the customer service a hosting company can produce. Customer service is paramount when it comes to any issue that may arise. The response time of that issue is what most companies pay for when they decide to select a hosting company. DWD supplies not only over 2 terabytes of bandwidth, but also constantly monitors the production of our server. When selecting a web site, ask our professionals which hosting plan will work best for your needs. If you do not know which plan you will need, simply tell us the applications you wish to use or let us know what your overall goal is so that we fit you with the appropriate plan.

Finally finding out how visitors find your web site is something that is valuable when it comes to marketing. DWD provides statistics to monitor how many people visited your site over a selected amount of time. Furthermore, you can evaluate how long visitors spent on each page, what key phrases they are finding you with on major search engines, and much more! The data collected here will effectively give the appropriate information necessary to generate a marketing plan for your website.

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