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Corporate Identity is what you are building when you decide to move forward with a logo, web site, advertising jingle, or multiple other aspects of your business that directly deals with how a customer views your product or service. How you want to showcase your company is a major consideration that we take into account in terms of web site success. Because of this, we also specialize in your brand marketing / corporate identity in order to help make your company successful from the ground up.

DWD is also skilled at redesigning your corporate look and establishing a new campaign from an older corporate brand or strategy. If a advertising platform, logo, or brand has not brought you success in the past, we evaluate the problem and offer solutions to move forward. Our best work doesn't simply stop with a completed web site. It is based on your success.


Color selection for the design of your company's identity plays an important role in the success of your branding campaign. In the world of advertising and design, color strategy ties directly into buying trends and directly affect the end user on a subliminal level. Effectively setting the standard regarding which colors, shades, and hues represent your image, is essential to a successful brand. When working on a corporate identity or branding campaign, we will always provide you with several different color combinations that effectively represent your company.


Branding is the art of establishing a visual, emotional, rational, and cultural connection that you associate with your company or product. It not only motivates the buyer, but solidifies user loyalty to your company. Since a well-designed logo is the first and most important step to strengthening the effectiveness of your company's branding campaign, it is important to consider your options when choosing a design company. There are many companies out there offering $100 logos, free business cards, and a variety of other promotional offers that do not consider all the crucial elements of what branding really is. These are cookie-cutter companies, reusing graphics, templates, and other premade variables that ultimately reflect negatively upon your company. They do not take the time to inform their clients that there are many things to consider when choosing a corporate identity.

Market Research

Market research is essential to successfully identifying all of the elements that will contribute to a successful branding campaign. We have several different variables that we consider when approaching the research of your brand.


Your company can only become as successful as your best competition. We will identify and target your competition through a comprehensive analysis of your direct market. We will present you with our picks of sites/designs that are successful in your market both graphically and functionally. We also encourage our clients to take a preliminary step before coming to us to design your site. If you know of any companies who's sites or designs effectively achieve any element that you would like us to draw influence or inspiration from, whether it is relevant or not to your market, feel free to bring them to the table. We will not copy or mimick any designs whatsoever. We can, however, translate our client's ideas, and the reference materials that are provided into a truly unique and beautiful final product.


If you've ever read a newspaper or a magazine, you already know the importance of a good layout. Layouts help organize and arrange information in order to maximize readability and communication of a message. Many websites online today lack a defined layout, or at least one that considers all of the elements that contribute to the ease of user navigation and readability. Many of those sites are "collage" based, a jumbled arrangement of image and information that is extremely difficult to navigate. Our designers are well versed in the science of layout design. We will work with you to develop a strategy of navigation and information architecture to maximize retention and minimize bounce rates. It is our goal to keep a visitor on your site for as long as possible. This is the most efficient way of selling your services or product. A combination of effective graphics, typography, and layouts are the three main elements that will form the foundation of your design, and likewise your company.


No website is complete without some form of graphic application. Image choice in graphic design is essential to achieving a system of message-to-user communication that clearly represents your services/products to your client base. We have an extensive amount of resources that we use on a daily basis for this specific purpose. Based on our Market Research, we will choose a collection of images and designs that will be used solely on your project. These images and designs will be custom tailored to effectively brand and advertise your company's presence in print and on the internet.


The selection of type that will be used for your graphic needs is an important element that contributes to the effectiveness of the design of your brand. Typography is often an underappreciated art that should be considered to maximize the effectiveness of the message you are trying to send. It the second most important form of communication next to the image; and when they work together, the magic of branding comes to life.

Ditley's Logo Design:

Click here to view our logo design process. Watch as we lead you through the process of the design for our very own logo. From start to finish we will demonstrate the importance of Market Research, Color, Typography, and Graphic Design that all serve to compliment and solidify the effectiveness of your brand identity.


Design genres are important to consider for a variety of reasons. There are many different trends in the world of design, and it is important to know which is best for your company. Our designers have a wide range of experience in advertising and marketing. Words like Modern, Post-Modern, Corporate, Traditional, Minimalist, Surreallist, etc, are words that we use everyday to describe different genres of design. We will design with the best genre possible to ensure maximum impact for your brand.


It is one thing to have impressive graphics, layouts, color selection and typography. However, it means nothing if the website doesn't function properly or efficiently. Our developers use only the most up-to-date technologies when constructing websites. We use current security features to ensure a safe website not only for your company, but your clients as well. Whether your site requires PHP, CSS, HTML, Perl, CGI, DHTML, Javascript, SQL, Flash, or any other languages of web design, we will be sure to choose the one that best fits the needs of your company.

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